LETTER: Tail wagging the dog 

MOST people can see the big problem Council has with the Woolies redevelopment on Verner Street.

Council has started selling the community street and car parking that the developer wants before it has considered the consequences.

Who knows why its got itself into this mess, but the more the nasty consequences, like traffic gridlock and lost small retail and history nip at its heals, the more Council hides.

Most people can also see how important it is for Council to encourage development, with clear rules for all that give balance and confidence for Goulburn to grow.

But this is the rub. Most cities around the country that were like Goulburn have developed more over the last 20 years because they, without fear or favour, have applied consistent planning rules to all.

Not so around here. Around here, more often than not, the tail still wags the dog.

Neil Penning, Goulburn.

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