Trees feel the heat 

TREES across the city have been under a lot of strain in the recent extreme heat conditions, with reports of one falling on a car in Upper Sterne St.

In addition, maintenance was carried out on a giant pine at the corner of Belmore Park, which has a significant ‘lean’.

“From time to time trees may shed branches unexpectedly, and this may be exacerbated by the current dry conditions,” Council’s parks administration officer Jason Moroney said.

“Council’s trees are regularly inspected for hazards, including dead or diseased branches.

Remedial actions are then undertaken, with the most problematic issues attended to first. It is difficult to determine which trees may unexpectedly drop branches, and it is a problem that is not necessarily confined to certain species.”

He told the Post that the health of the trees was always balanced with public safety.

“On occasions a professional arborist may be engaged to report on the status of particular trees, and this may be the case with those in Belmore Park and other highly visited parks,” Mr Moroney said.

Due to the age of many of the city’s species, a comprehensive replacement program will be undertaken over the next few years.

“Many of Goulburn’s trees are reaching an age from where they will now commence a slow decline,” Mr Moroney said.

“Therefore Council will be aiming over the next few years to undertake a street tree replacement program using appropriate species to ensure that the city remains an attractive place to live and visit.”

Mr Moroney has also advised residents to keep a close eye on any trees in their street that may be struggling.

“Council is not in a position to water all of its street and park trees, and would welcome the assistance of residents who can give them an occasional ‘deep soak’ to help them through this current dry period,” he said.

“Street trees are a valuable asset to the city, providing an attractive streetscape, shade and habitat and any assistance that can be afforded them over the summer break would be appreciated.”

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