Council on the hop to quell rampant rabbits 

PINDONE rabbit baiting is being carried out at both the Goulburn Recreation Area and the General Cemetery on Gorman Rd.

The bait is added to either chopped carrot or sometimes grain, and contains a dye to make it more easily visible.

Goulburn Mulwaree Council’s Parks Administration officer Jason Moroney said there is a small rabbit problem in a certain part of the recreation area.

“There is a small rabbit problem along the southern boundary,” he said.

“As with most other parts of the district, good breeding conditions have led to strong growth in rabbit numbers.

“Council will have actually finished the program this week.”

Mr Moroney stated that notification of the presence of the bait was clear to all residents.

“Signage and notifications, as required by regulation have been in place to help make people more aware of the Pindone program,” he said.

Council has no further plans to conduct any future programs, however they did carry out a short Pindone program at the General Cemetery.

Mr Moroney said that the program should keep control of the rabbits at an acceptable level.

“Council will endeavour to follow up the program with other control measures,” he said.

“This will include spraying of blackberry and removal of other types of rubbish that harbor rabbits and/or their warrens.”

Tablelands Livestock Health and Pest Authority (LHPA) Senior Ranger Mark Mc Gaw told the Post that the rabbit situation in Goulburn has been building for a couple of years, because of what he describes as ‘green summers’.

“We have had some particularly mild summers over the past couple of years,” he said.

“And so there has been plenty of other food around for the rabbits, which means they were less likely to want to take the Pindone bait.

“They have also built up some immunity to other chemicals, and have adapted to town conditions.

“However, because this summer has been significantly drier, it’s been a much better time to carry out the baiting process.”

The baiting program started January 29, and will finish on February 28.

■ For any more information on the program, call Parks Administration officer Jason Moroney on 4823 4473, or email jason.moroney

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