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8.00am: With 80% of two-party-preferred votes now counted, the swing to the Liberal Party in Hume has softened a little and is running at 2.74%. Nonetheless Angus Taylor has already picked up 41,942 first preference votes... 54.07% of votes counted and double the first preference votes to the nearest candidate, Michael Pilbrow (ALP) who has received 20,640 votes so far.

The old saying that the Goulburn booths tend to go to Labor didn't hold true at the 2010 election and was destroyed yesterday with Angus Taylor winning ALL Goulburn booths. The Liberal Party held a substantial lead at all seven Goulburn booths, with the ALP comfortably holding second spot in each.

Zaza Chevalier (The Greens), who is running third on votes counted, was the only other candidate to pick up more than 100 votes in any Goulburn booth - with 109 votes at Goulburn South.

Here's how the Goulburn booths voted:

BradfordvilleGoulburnGoulburn EastGoulburn HeightsGoulburn NorthGoulburn SouthGoulburn West
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9.30pm: To a packed room of party helpers, staffers, friends and family at the Tattersalls Hotel in Goulburn, Angus Taylor made his acceptance speech as the new member-elect for Hume. With around 75% of the vote counted, he had secured 38,617 (53.82) of first preference votes and 61.8 per cent of the two party preferred vote... a swing towards him of just over 3 per cent and the biggest victory since 2004.

Angus Taylor becomes the first new member for Hume since Alby Schultz first won the seat 15 years ago in October 1998. Taylor thanked Alby Schultz, as well as his own supporters and helpers, family and friends and said he was humbled both by the support given to him by an estimated 1,000 helpers at various stages througout his campaign, and by the voters of Hume.

8.30pm: 51.44% of two party preferred votes have now been counted and the swing to Angus Taylor has increased - now 3.09%. The NSW swing to the coalition is 3 per cent. In first preference votes, the tallys at this stage are Taylor 53.33%, Pilbrow 26.56%, Chevalier 5.68%, Cornelius 4.68%, Styles 2.61%, Harker-Mortlock 2.25%. Increases in number of votes counted has now slowed considerably.

8.05pm: The ABC has called the election for Angus Taylor. Other news services haven't made that call yet and there is no official call from any party.

8:00pm: As the vote count has grown, Angus Taylor has retained a local swing to Liberal which has bounced around considerably. As at 8.00pm, with almost 45% of two candidate preferred votes counted, that swing is now 2.95%. The national swing at this stage is very similar - around 3.2%. He currently holds 53.44% of first preference votes and preferences are being redirected more strongly to the Liberal Party than Labor.

7.30pm: As at this time 18.24% of the vote has been counted. Angus Taylor is receiving a swing to him... at this stage running at 0.76%. If that trend was to continue he would receive more than 50% of the vote outright before the exchange of preferences. 

5.00pm: Latest information we have is that Michael Pilbrow (Labor) will be voting in Yass at about 5pm (now?).  As mentioned below, he will be seeing in the results from Yass this evening.  He has been the most active of the candidates on social media today.

4.00pm: We've received word that Angus Taylor will be voting in Goulburn at about 4pm. He will remain in Goulburn tonight to see in the results and outcome. Labor's Michael Pilbrow will be at the Yass Soldiers Club. Goulburn based NSW senator Ursula Stephens will be based out of the Goulburn Labor offices tonight.

2.00 pm: A 4am start on a Saturday is something not many would willingly put their hand up for, but for the volunteers of the Goulburn South Public School Election Day stall its just another apart of the day.

The P&C coordinated stall has been running for about 15 years, volunteer Mark Hazelgrove said. Although not as busy as years prior, the business was still steady.

"It's been steady... There is a quieter feel about it," he said.

President of the Goulburn South P&C John O'Connor told the Post the profits will be put towards the students of the school in the form of activities like swimming lessons, excursion subsidies and sporting activities.

"The money will to towards things the kids don't usually have... to provide money for the extra things the government doesn't pay for," he said.

Across the road at the Scout Hall, election signage is rife.

Officer in charge Bill Irvine said that although it hasn't been confirmed, numbers do seen to be down on previous years. 

"People haven't commented but we have noticed it seems to be down a bit," he said.

"The day has been very good, we have a great team here."

As of 2pm no Hume candidates had been spotted putting their vote in at the South Goulburn polling site, although the day's not over yet. - Brittany Murphy.

1:30pm: Is this a portent or omen? A caller to the Continuous Call Team's "Election special" said he had just voted in Hume and thinks that labor is in trouble because he saw a voter use the Labor how-to-vote card to catch the drippings from the snag he bought at the sausage sizzle.

10.30am: Adrian Van Der Byl (CDP) cast his vote at the Goulburn High School booth. He said he was enjoying the day and the fantastic weather and had encountered only friendly people so far.

9:00am: Zaza Chevalier (The Greens) has cast her vote at Crookwell. Numbers at some booths seem to have dropped considerably. Staffers at the Bradfordville booth said it's the quietest they'bve ever seen it and expect it's because more people have pre-poll voted this year.

8:00am: It's a mint day in Goulburn. Sunny, little wind at this stage and a stark contrast to the freezing cold and windy election day of 2010. Numbers ticking over well to  most Goulburn booths.

Three candidates have voted pre-poll: James Harker Mortlock (Independent), Lynette Styles (One Nation) and Bruce Nicholson (Katter Australia Party).

Michael Pilbow (Labor) is expected to vote in Yass today, Zaza Chevalier (The Greens) will vote in Crookwell. Adrian Van Der Byl (CDP) and Angus Taylor (Liberal) have indicated they will vote in Goulburn. No word from Lindsay Cosgrove or jason Cornelius on where or when they will be voting.

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