Gough in Goulburn | Photos

Former PM, Gough Whitlam has passed away at the age of 98.

He was a semi-regular visitor to Goulburn, even as a young man growing up in Canberra. 

Once, on the Don Lane show, he spoke about growing up in the then quite small city of Canberra, and how he and some mates would hop in a car and drive down to the "Big Smoke" of Goulburn for a night out. 

When fans of Gough Whitlam speak they use words like vision and idealism, and he is cited as the greatest single political inspiration to a generation of Labor Party true believers. 

What are your memories of Gough?

What were his legacies? 

Do you remember where you were when he was dismissed?

Whether you loved him or loathed him, share with us your thoughts on a giant of Australian politics.

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