Taralga man into chamber

Taralga residents are very pleased they have a resident, John Stafford, to represent them on the Upper Lachlan Shire Council.

OUR MAN ON COUNCIL: Taralga resident John Stafford to set to represent the village on Upper Lachlan Shire Council. Photo: supplied

OUR MAN ON COUNCIL: Taralga resident John Stafford to set to represent the village on Upper Lachlan Shire Council. Photo: supplied

Those elected are: Brian McCormack, Pam Kensit, Ron Cummins, Richard Opie, Darren O’Brien, John Searl, John Stafford, James Wheelwright, and Paul Culhane.

As such, the Upper Lachlan council table will have a different look when it resumes deliberations on September 22, with four new faces contributing ideas to the Shire’s future.

Of the previous council, former Mayor John Shaw, Jo Marshall and Scott Craig did not contest the election, and Malcolm Barlow missed out in the ballot.

As anticipated, Cr Brian McCormack topped the poll with 15.01 per cent of the vote, and Cr John Searl took third spot with 10.17pc.

The other top spots were taken by newcomers Pam Kensit (11.65pc), Ron Cummins (10.13pc), Richard Opie (8.58pc) and John Stafford (7.39pc). Sitting Deputy Mayor James Wheelwright was returned (on 7.41pc) along with Cr Darren O’Brien (7.29pc) and Cr Paul Culhane (5.91pc).

A feature of this election was the number of pre-poll votes cast: 885. Some 18 voters called in at the Sydney Town Hall; 58 turned up in Yass; five, at the Sydney Town Hall. The booth count was:

  • Crookwell 1399
  • Gunning 602
  • Taralga 443
  • Laggan 221
  • Dalton 218
  • Grabben Gullen 216
  • Collector 213
  • Binda 184
  • Marulan 96

There were 184 informal votes.


Secretary Don Taylor said the AP&H Committee met at the Club last Wednesday for the first time since the AGM.

The new president, Stuart Keith welcomed the 12 members to the meeting.

Australia Day Committee secretary Lara Miller asked if the AP&H members could help with the running of the liquor booth over the Australia Day celebrations.

The meeting thought that with the RSA courses about to start, it would also help the running of the Show if members worked in the bar.

It was moved that any AP&H member wishing to attain their RSA will be covered by the AP&H.

They will also be asked to work for the Australia Day Celebrations.

The next meeting will be held at the Club on Wednesday, November 9.


Students at the Taralga Public School are enthusiastically rehearsing for their musical, ‘Lion King Kids’, which will be held on Wednesday, September 21 at 7pm in the Memorial Hall.

All are welcome. It is hoped that the entire Taralga community will come along and support their school.


Historical Society records show that Purcell was an early name in Myrtleville. Robert Purcell (1795-1872) married Margaret Mayne (1805-1888).

They had five children: John (1826) married Bridget Quinn; Catherine (1827); Mary Ann (1828); Robert (1833), a mail contractor, married Caroline Costello; Margaret married (1) Thomas Gorman, (2) Martin Moore.

John Purcell had 220 acres at Reidy Creek, Myrtleville carrying 10 horses and 30 cattle.

The children of Robert and Caroline were: Margaret, Robert, Thomas, Phillip, Mary Jane and Frederick.

Robert Snr is listed as having died at Myrtleville, while Margaret (nee Mayne) and John are both recorded as dying in Strathaird in 1888..


The Historical Society have two school photos where there is no names for the students.

One is taken in front of the original 1876 school with a male teacher.

The other at Richlands School circa 1914, also with male teacher.

If anyone has copies of these photos with the identification of the students the Society would be grateful to hear from them.


Congratulations to Emily Smith and Dominic Chalker who have announced their engagement.

Dominic is the only son of Mark and Gabrielle (deceased) while Emily is the second daughter of Ashley and Venetta.

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