LETTER: No Marketplace plan B

IT was with interest that I read the article titled “Cloud hangs over key parcel of land” in Goulburn Post's Monday edition (12/11/2012).

The property matters raised in the article are well known to us and have been since before our submission of the development application. Our application was formulated giving due consideration to all covenants affecting the properties in question.

Whilst we acknowledge that a vocal minority of the community is opposed to the partial closure of Verner Street, what we also know is that the vast majority of the community supports the expansion of Marketplace at the southern end of the CBD, giving balance to the main street and in turn supporting those businesses located south of Montague Street, as opposed to further development in the north of the CBD.

Mr John Proctor recently tabled a plan to councillors which depicted a development contained entirely on the southern side of Verner Street, a copy of which you published. This plan is very similar to the one ex-councillor Neil Penning tabled over six months ago.

For the umpteenth time we confirm that such a proposal does not work physically or economically.

The site is not big enough to accommodate the needs of the proposed retailers and the associated required car parking. Access and egress of semi trailers for Big W from the main street of Goulburn would be unworkable and unlikely to be approved by the Roads and Maritime Services.

The unsightly facade of a large scale loading area fronting the city’s main strip would be disastrous for surrounding retailers and a blight on the city. We did look at all such options and orientations of the building without impacting on Verner Street, prior to submitting our development application, to no avail.

We have previously gone on record saying, we welcome community input. The community will have that opportunity in due course when our development application is publicly exhibited by Council.

I take offence to Mr Proctor saying that “the developer has chosen to proceed with the DA without community consultation”.

This is nonsense. Thank you for the opportunity of reply to the article and I look forward to providing you with progress information on our development application in the near future.

Paul Lederer, A&A Lederer Pty Ltd.


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