Daily horoscopes: Tuesday, January 1

ARIES:  You share common needs with others during Tuesday and Wednesday, and there’ll be others ready and willing to help.  Shared sympathies require little explanation for understanding already exists.

TAURUS:  Don’t be surprised if others are taking the words right out of your mouth on January 1, 2, or you are doing it to them: this is indicative of the level of camaraderie that exists.

GEMINI:  Your soul and conscious mind seem to be operating in harmony during Tuesday and Wednesday, making it easier to navigate life and make a difference in the world. Problems are more easily resolved.

CANCER:  Cancerians are particularly interested in the variety and extent of experiences the world as on offer, possessing an uncanny knack of understanding them during January 1, 2.

LEO:  Leonine characters tend to display philanthropic qualities during Tuesday and Wednesday, as they extend their social interests.  You seem to be backing up ideals with money then.

VIRGO:  Tuesday and Wednesday is an especially romantic time when Virgoan natives resonate on the same harmonic as someone they love.  Being of one mind and spirit binds you together.

LIBRA:  It is easy for Libra to perceive the subtle variations of life’s colours during Tuesday and Wednesday, allowing them to skilfully negotiate their working environment and tasks.  Fine results follow.

SCORPIO: You’re drawn to recreational interests that stimulate your imagination on January 1, 2: music, film, video, dancing and art.  A soothing environment is also appealing: perhaps a place by the water?

SAGITTARIUS:  Your reflective mind casts its vision across the family environment as you look within yourself, your past and at your relationships with others during January 1, 2.  Contentment reigns.  

CAPRICORN:  Capricorn’s words are quite creative during January 1, 2, fostering communication skills.  You might want to try your hand at poetry or writing a short story then. 

AQUARIUS:  There’ll be plenty of discussion focussed on income and money during January 1, 2, with favourable results ensuing.  This might be a good time to negotiate a new pay deal.

PISCES:  Common experiences bind you to another person during Tuesday and Wednesday, mind, body and soul.  You think alike so often a subtle gesture or innate understanding substitutes for words.  

LUCKY NUMBERS: Aries: 1, 3, 4, 9; Taurus: 5, 8; Gemini: 6, 7; Cancer: 3, 4, 7, 9; Leo: 1, 3, 4, 9; Virgo: 6, 8; Libra: 5, 7; Scorpio: 2, 3, 7, 9; Sagittarius: 1, 3, 4, 9; Capricorn: 5, 6; Aquarius: 5, 6; Pisces:  2, 4, 7.

Read Fairfax Regional astrologer, Alison Moroney's daily stars for Tuesday, January 1, 2013.

Read Fairfax Regional astrologer, Alison Moroney's daily stars for Tuesday, January 1, 2013.