LETTER: Much more than thought bubbles

I REFER to a letter in last Monday’s Goulburn Post written by a potential independent candidate for Hume, who makes a series of poorly researched claims about the Coalition and me.

First, he says that the Liberal party has no policies for Hume. Clearly this candidate does not keep up with the local (and national) press, or my Facebook page (‘Angus Taylor, Liberal candidate for Hume’) which I update many times a week.

On the day he sent the letter, I was on the front page of the Yass Tribune, arguing for upgrades to freight rail in the electorate and elsewhere - a position I have argued for many years.

My personal positions on the Barton Highway, wind energy subsidies, the carbon tax, rural doctor shortages, the second Sydney Airport, agricultural policy, the NBN, government debt, electricity prices and many other issues are all published and have been for some time. And, voters will hear more from me on a range of issues in the New Year as we approach the election.

I dare to say that there are few candidates who have thought, spoken and written about as many issues relevant to their electorate as I have.

Second, he claims that the Coalition has made no contribution to Hume. He clearly does not spend much time talking to people around the electorate.

Alby Schultz’s legacy is widespread. My wife Louise and I are always amazed by the number of people who have been supported and helped by Alby and Gloria Schultz in more than 25 years of service to this region.

Looking to the future, we know there is much more to do. I will continue to fight for issues that can have a substantial positive impact in Hume. Many of these are on the record, and more will follow as we approach the election. Some of these are local, and some are national (like reducing the cost of living and strengthening our borders).

The soap opera that is the current Labor Government, hijacked by Greens and independents, must come to end. We are all tired of promises that aren’t kept. It is not surprising that this independent candidate has made promises in Hume equal to almost 10 per cent of the Australian economy (over $100 billion).

If he wants us to look seriously at his proposals, he had better get them costed, and then explain how he is going to get the rest of Australia to pay for them.

Breaking promises and wasting money characterise the federal government right now, after Labor’s efforts on the Carbon tax, the budget surplus, loss of control over our borders, the education revolution, the insulation debacle and the rest.

I am fighting for a new era of good government, characterised by honesty, accountability and civilised but robust debate. I am fighting for policies that will advance Hume as a leading region in Australia. I am fighting for policies that can and will happen, not thought bubbles that float into the sky, never to be seen again.

Angus Taylor, Liberal candidate for Hume.


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