Hume Campaign Diary - Jan. 11

It’s an abbreviated Campaign Diary this week due to commitments covering the regional fire danger.

Just on that, it would be remiss not to mention the incredible job being down by RFS, Fire and Rescue, SES, Parks and Wildlife, Police and other services in their various roles assisting in fighting the fires. Amazing people performing at an almost superhuman level.

While this blog usually deals in topics that people disagree on, I’m sure there’s an absolute consensus on that.

I notice Tony Abbott has copped some flak for being a firie, or for trying to gain political mileage from being a firie (depending on your point of view).

My understanding is that you can’t be a volunteer firefighter, or drive a firetruck, unless you do the training, the courses and the accreditation. And then, of course, you have to actually fight fires so to my mind if someone goes through those hoops and jumps in front of fires, then at least that part of their lives deserves respect.

Is he trying to gain mileage? I’m no good at reading hearts and minds but it seems a circular piece of logic to focus on his involvement and then say we shouldn’t focus on his involvement.

So to Hume this week. We’ve had some letters to the editor (some published, some not) and some press releases.

By and large I want to avoid putting letters to the editor on here because there is already a link to the published ones over at the Hume Chronicles.

Also some shrewd candidates could start to disguise press releases as letters to the editor to get a two-for-one deal (not that any of our Hume candidates would stoop to such a thing).

But sometimes letters to the editor don’t get published for any number of reasons (lack of room, need to give some other people a fair go, repetition etc) and so where letters to the editor haven’t appeared in print I’ll try to catch them up here.

It’s getting so confusing.

Anyway, the relevant press releases/letters to the editor are linked below including a reply to last week’s Hume Campaign Diary by Bruce Nicholson (which I haven’t replied to because there hasn’t been a lot of spare time this week but also because then it becomes a game of cyber tennis going backwards and forwards and backwards and… so on).

My apologies if I’ve left any out or overlooked any – it’s been one of those weeks. If I have missed any info, let me know and I’ll include it. There’s been no weekly itineraries received so it’s straight to….

King (and Queen) of the week? That’s easy. Anyone wearing an RFS uniform… or SES… or NSW Fire and Rescue… Police… Ambos… National Parks…or anyone else joining in the fight against bushfires this last week.

I’m sure all candidates would join with me in hoping we all remain safe in the coming weeks, and that we can help anyone affected by fire in any way we can.

Hopefully the fire danger will subside next week and we’ll be back to normal programming soon.



BRUCE NICHOLSON (Katter’s Australia Party):


ANGUS TAYLOR (Liberal Party)

Crookwell resident John Culley and Angus Taylor.

Crookwell resident John Culley and Angus Taylor.

Angus Taylor at Jugiong Fire - Bogolara Rd.

Angus Taylor at Jugiong Fire - Bogolara Rd.

Angus Taylor at Jugiong fire with Caroline Anderson.

Angus Taylor at Jugiong fire with Caroline Anderson.


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