LETTER: Fringe candidates can’t deliver

I REFER to a stream of letters to the Post in recent time talking about the policies and commitments of the coalition and me in Hume.

These letters contain many false claims. However, I will focus on the issue that matters most: The commitments of the Liberal National coalition to the people of Hume.

At the beginning of an election year the coalition has already committed to many policies which Hume voters care about, and which fringe candidates cannot deliver.

These include securing our borders, eliminating the carbon tax to reduce the cost of living and delivering two million new jobs.

Our policies extend to reducing $1 billion of red tape for business, and stopping wasteful government spending. Most important, we have committed to good government and governance, which has gone missing in the current Canberra soap opera.

I have received survey responses from well over 10,000 Hume residents in recent months, as well as talking with many thousands.

Thank you to the participants.

Unsurprisingly, the voters in Hume have very similar concerns to voters across the country. This feedback supports and influences coalition policy development.

We have up to 11 months before the next federal election. As the election draws closer the coalition will reveal many more policies. Some policies will be national, and some local, but all seek to benefit our region. There will be money for strong Hume specific policies from a coalition Government – despite Labor blowing over $250 billion in five years.

There is a stark difference between thoughtful, costed commitments from the coalition and thought bubbles from fringe players. The coalition can deliver its announced commitments.

However, fringe players can only even hope to deliver if there is a hung parliament. The bookies reckon the chances of a hung parliament this time around are remote, supporting Alby Schultz’s letter from some weeks ago. So if fringe players promise to deliver the earth, their talk is cheap.

 I look forward to the entry of a Labor candidate in Hume. Then we can have a robust but realistic dialogue about what Hume and Australia should look like beyond 2013. Meanwhile, in the main arena, the Liberal National coalition is making genuine, deliverable commitments to the people, businesses and families of Hume.

Angus Taylor, Liberal Candidate for Hume


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