EDITORIAL: A quiet achiever

WHILE Labor ums and ahs about a candidate at state level, at least one federal local politician knows what she’s doing.

Today Senator Ursula Stephens gives a frank interview about her hopes for the Senate and thoughts on Labor’s chances federally.

She speaks candidly about Labor, the Gillard/Rudd show down, factional influence and the bitter tone of parliamentary debate.

Senator Stephens does not often get the recognition she deserves. She toils away on committee work behind the scenes but in reality, this is where nuts and bolts results are achieved.

She is also a passionate champion of Goulburn, having lived here for many years and has helped achieve meaningful funding for the city’s infrastructure, Sts Peter and Paul’s Cathedral restoration and has intervened on issues such as the Mass Steel workers’ entitlements.

There is much more and the Council is fortunate to have a receptive ear in federal government.

Senator Stephens will be challenged to regain her spot with Senators Bob Carr and Doug Cameron ahead of her on the Labor ticket.

But it’s not out of the realms of possibility; she’s done it from this position before. If not, and she decided to stand for the House of Reps, we reckon Senator Stephens would give Hume a good shake.

Goulburn for one has a strong Labor tradition and her profile would undoubtedly pick up votes in other end of the electorate.

Her entry, if nothing else, would do wonders for the current level of debate among candidates.

And despite Coalition scaremongering about national debt, Labor does have a realistic chance of winning the next federal election.

Prime Minister Gillard has waded her way through tough negotiations in a hung Parliament to achieve long-term reforms.

Yet Labor locally is simply playing with voters about their Hume candidate. Our message is simple: Get on with it.


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