LETTER: Nicholson replies to Schultz

Here we go again indeed. The Liberal Party and in this case the retiring member Alby Shultz, are on a desperate campaign trying to convince the people of Hume that I would have no power to deliver on election promises (see this article).

He and his designated heir, keep saying that I can’t advise how I will fund them. He then goes on to mention how many times our leader Bob Katter, has missed a vote in the House of Reps.

Let’s start with this one. If you count up the number of times that Labor and Liberal play games in Parliament by calling votes on censure motions and other crap (for want of a better word) to try and score a cheap political point and then tally that against the 120 times Bob failed to turn up to vote you will find that the difference is probably less than the number of times Mr Shultz has failed to turn up to vote.

You only have to watch the Parliament on TV to see what I’m referring to.

Now let’s deal with the How I will fund election promises and policies. Mr Shultz and his cronies keep throwing this one out there.

Every KAP Policy I detail in the press and elsewhere has been FULLY COSTED and FUNDED. They know this and it’s why they will not name one because they know they could not win that debate.( I note that we are still waiting to hear any policies from the Liberals)

The only election promise they name from me is my commitment to support and fight for the duplication of the Barton Hwy and how I would fund it.

There are a number of options, one of which is funding it the way the 1st part of the Gosford Expressway was built years ago. You build the road, put up a toll gate at say $2 a car and $5 a truck and when it’s paid for take down the toll gate.

Would the people of Hume agree to this? I don’t know but I would ask them.

Now we get to the point about how I would deliver on any election promises and how much influence I would have if the people elected me.

At this stage most political analysts are tipping that KAP could win 1 Senate seat in each State and possibly 2 in Queensland. This gives us 5 to 8 Senate seats.

Factor in that the Liberal NSW Government has just decided to go ahead with a Toxic Waste Dump in Western Sydney which could deliver us up to 5 seats.

With the power in the Senate we will be able to get a number of our policies acted on and any of our Candidates elected to the House of Reps will have enormous influence to get local projects completed.

So now we have the prospect of winning 4 or 5 seats in Western Sydney, Hume where I consider myself a genuine chance and who knows how many more by the time the election comes around.

In Queensland we won 2 seats in the recent State Election and finished 2nd in 12 others where we couldn't use our KAP name. Exit polling showed this cost us about 6% which would have resulted in a number of other seats won.

With the popularity of the Newman LNP Government in Qld dropping faster than that of Tony Abbott, who knows how many seats we will win in Qld. Did I hear someone say between 10 and 20? And that’s just 2 states.

How much influence will I have? I don't know but I'd like to find out. Who knows, if enough people feel the same we may get voted into Government and be able to bring in all our policies and it could be the Liberal or Labor Party sitting on the Cross Benches.

Bruce Nicholson KAP Candidate for Hume.


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