Hume Campaign Diary - Jan. 18

Hi, and it’s another shortened Hume Campaign Diary this due to us having to concentrate on our bushfire coverage.

Not a lot has happened in the last week in the Hume Campaign, although that hasn’t stopped a mini-deluge (do deluges come in “mini”?) of letters to the editor from candidates to various publications – mostly the Goulburn Post, Yass Tribune and Southern Highland News.

In fact, we’re starting to receive so many letters from candidates that it will soon get to a stage that they won’t all get to run in the print editions of those papers.

And before you yell out CENSORSHIP in a loud and unified voice, it’s not that at all.

The letters page is the place for all of our readers to have their say, which includes but is not limited to our candidates.

When that page starts to be dominated by the thrust and parry between candidates, sometimes it pushes other letters to the side. 

And also, while I love all things political, and possibly some of you do too, some readers may not and so papers – seeking a balance of not only opinions but also topics – may wish to stop the letters page from being over-run with pollie waffle.

Of course, I’m not the editor of ANY paper, and I’m not speaking on behalf of the editors and can’t predict what individual mastheads will or won’t do… just saying the letters MAY not all run in print while the volume remains high.

Having said that, I’ll endeavour to run any and all letters here – partly because I’m interested, partly to be thorough and also because this is, after all, a place for all things political for the Hume electorate.

I actually like candidates interacting through direct response and addressing points raised by each other.

So, for this week, I’ve had no updates on itinerary or press releases, so all I can refer to are letters. There’s links to them over at Hume Chronicles and as always if there’s anything I’ve overlooked, please let me know so I can correct that.

That’s it for this week. King of the week… I’ll give it to Bruce simply based on volume of letters, just ahead of Angus.

Have a good week, and once again I hope we can say goodbye to these fires some time soon.


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