LETTER: Who’s going to take all the jobs?

I WOULD like to thank Mr Angus Taylor for drawing my attention to the many false claims made by “fringe players” in the Goulburn Post. 

I would also like to applaud his commitment in item 3 of his manifesto to “deliver 2 million new jobs”. This will indeed be a remarkable achievement given unemployment in Australia is currently only 656,000. (ABS Labour force data Dec 2012)

Where does he propose to find the other 1,344,000 workers to fill the jobs he has committed to create?

Conscription seems a bit drastic and increasing the baby bonus will not give him the instant workers he requires.

Perhaps item 1 of his manifesto to “secure our borders” is a bit of a furphy, they could come from there.

Regardless of his means of execution though, Mr Taylor’s commitment to 2 million new jobs is an admirable one and I look forward to hearing about it in more detail, particularly how he plans to people it.

Greg Allen, Goulburn.


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