LETTER: Blame it all on Agenda 21

CONGRATULATIONS go to Alby Schultz, for reminding us that the Renewable Energy Target scheme has become the “biggest government sponsored fraud in the history of our country” (GP February 18).

In actual fact he has only just scratched the surface of the greatest fraud in Australia’s history. What began as a policy in a faraway place has caused our money to go to a faraway place.

In 1968 the Club of Rome decided to create a crisis that would unite the world. This crisis believe it or not, was manmade Climate Change.

For years within government we have Agenda 21, a term which was never meant to be spoken; now it has the euphemism called Sustainable Development.

It has a legislative pattern aimed at controlling every aspect of our lives.

The latest manifestation of Agenda 21 is the Carbon tax with its Wealth Transfer. Alby Schultz has just discovered a Wealth Transfer aspect of our Carbon Tax.

What began as a scientific fraud, man-made climate change, is now also our nation’s financial fraud, the Renewable Energy Target scheme. Sadly people will elect politicians again to keep us under the millstone of man-made climate change.

Adrian Van Der Byl, CDP Candidate for Hume.


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