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THE world embraced some cheerful news this week, the Princess Charlotte of Cambridge was born, and it really is a nice piece of news all round.

Some of the more jaded of you may think, who cares?

Yet you can’t deny that a baby being born is nice to hear about, especially in a time when really crappy stories often headline the news.

Also, it is really good news for the British economy which is expected to be boosted by the arrival of the little princess, by around a billion pounds by the time she is ten.

However she has already pulled in a reported eighty million pounds already, and Prince George brought in nearly two hundred and fifty million in his first year of life.

The Princess can expect to have every little outfit copied, just as fashion houses do with the clothes her mother wears.

The Duchess of Cambridge can sell out an outfit minutes after a picture of her is published.

Can you imagine the pressure the Duchess must be under?

Little girls all over England will want to emulate this new tiny Princess. Something her late grandmother Princess Diana knew about only to well, and it is something that William and Kate will have to navigate carefully.

I have said this before, parenting today is a whole different ball game.

There is no baby book around (yet), that has a chapter on how to deal with online bullying or in this case, a chapter on having the whole world judge your appearance.

Parenting a Princess is probably a lot harder than it seems, even with the nannies and housekeeping staff. Keeping up a child’s self esteem in a world full of armchair internet warriors, is something we are all having to learn how to cope with.

Bringing a human into the world, naming them and shaping who they eventually become is quite a big responsibility when you think about it.

If it had been put in those terms to some future parents when considering having a baby, it might have given them cause to rethink it.

It’s a big job. Without our mums (and dads) obviously we wouldn’t be here, a mother can make us who we are and even what we become.

You know where I’m going with don’t you? Yes it’s Mother’s Day this weekend!

Now I could wax lyrical about how we should celebrate mothers and carers everyday, and we say that every mother’s day, but it never comes to pass.

We are too busy for that!

Let’s be real about it.

As commercial as you think the day may be, forced sentiment is better than none at all.

So make with the cuddles and burnt toast breakfast in bed, because there is one thing mum needs to do on Mother’s Day.... Take the day off. 


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