Taking comfort in Goulburn’s cold | Because I Said So

Photos taken by Candy Jubb

Photos taken by Candy Jubb

YOU know it’s cold in Goulburn when the car still has frost on the windscreen at 9am.

Travellers from the north arrive wearing shorts and thongs and hop happily out of their cars to see the Big Merino.

But before they can prepare to take a selfie in front of our concrete wonder, they realise it is startlingly crisp out there, and make a hasty retreat to their warm car, where you will see them pulling ski gear out of the boot and trying to wear everything they packed all at once, because clearly they must be mere kilometres away from snow here it’s just that cold!

I love it. You feel like cooking warm hearty meals and you finally get some sleep when it’s cold, because you won’t be too hot under all the blankets.

Photos taken by Candy Jubb

Photos taken by Candy Jubb

I know many people loath the cold, and I can understand why, but when you think about it there are some really good reasons to like winter. I will give you a few examples.

The flies go away, and the mosquitoes. They all buzz off somewhere, and now I can take a walk without an entire colony of them sitting on my back. The cold is also good for your relationship with your significant other.

It really it is, because cold means cuddling to stay warm at night, and it may bring back a closeness that you lost when things were too damn hot and you just wanted everyone to go away.

However, it may also lead to a population spike nine months later.

Being indoors more you can catch up on all the telly you’ve missed while you’ve been out enjoying the sun, or if you are like me, reading from that oversized ‘to read’ pile on the bedside table.

A great warm place to hang out in winter is the Library, and at the moment our local one is looking very welcoming.

The crime rate drops. Think about it, would you rather break into a house when it’s minus four out there? Besides everyone is home sitting in front of the fire, so you may be out of luck finding an uninhabited home. 

Photos taken by Candy Jubb

Photos taken by Candy Jubb

In fact the city of New York once set a record during a particularly bitter winter, by going twelve days without a homicide.

While that isn’t a very nice record to hold, it proves my point.

However the single biggest selling point for me when it comes to winter, is the sun going down earlier.

Why? Because I can put the kids to bed at 8pm and they will stay there! Hurrah!

None of this “But the sun is still up Mum!” See winter has a lot going for it.

You have just got to look on the bright side. I can leave the butter out without it becoming a pool on the kitchen bench.

Well actually I could probably turn the fridge off, and save power some nights it’s that cold. Hot baths become awesome again (also another great place to read), and where I am going after I finish writing here. Break out the beanies, this is Goulburn’s signature season.

(* May have been typed with gloves on!)