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PRICELESS: A lonely farming bachelor seeking a wife advertised he was looking for a woman with a tractor and would appreciate a photo of the tractor!

PRICELESS: A lonely farming bachelor seeking a wife advertised he was looking for a woman with a tractor and would appreciate a photo of the tractor!

Thank goodness the days of me standing with a can of “Start Ya Bastard” at the ready to help start the old Case tractor are over.

However, the enthusiasm of the person buying it (currently marooned in a Gunning ‘rice paddy’) was absolutely contagious.

There was its historical perspective; the difference between US and European tractors; and the fondness of some of the old timers for their horse and bullock teams not to mention the soft spot for little grey Fergies that many share.

The Case tractor originated from Jerome Increase Case (now there’s a middle name to conjure with – he fathered seven children although only four survived into adulthood).

The Case Company was formally established during the American Civil War and the labour and food shortages helped it grow.

After Jerome Case met members of the 8 th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment returning from this war he adopted their mascot, an eagle named “Old Abe” as the company symbol.


A local resident being aware of tractors and other farm equipment still firmly stuck in sodden ground, was amused to overhear the following from an owner of bob cats, caterpillars and so on.

“They’re all parked on a big rock on the top of a hill and that’s where they are bloody well staying till it all dries out!”


In Ireland in the 1960s, some of us had to go to England to work, leaving some lonely farming bachelors seeking a wife.

One prospective suitor advertised that he was looking for a woman with a tractor and would appreciate a photo of the tractor!

I swear that’s true!


October is Mental Health Month. Gunning Community Care and Cathy, GCC’s counsellor, is planning to host a morning tea later this month to continue raising awareness about mental health while promoting this year’s theme of “Learn and Grow”.

If you have some ideas or could run an activity for this event, please phone 4845 1166.

“The Big Issue” magazine for early October notes that “...the number of people taking their own lives in Australia is at a 10-year high, and that suicide is the leading cause of death for people between 15 and 44 years old.”

The article, ‘Always By My Side’, also notes that for many people experiencing mental illness, pets can be more than a comfort; they can save their lives.

This article further records that “Organisations like mindDog in NSW are helping people experiencing mental illness to procure, train and accredit psychiatric assistance dogs that are trained to help their individual owners manage, physically and emotionally”.

A copy of this article is available from GCC.

Locally we have been doing our bit to help with the Gunning Roos and Rooettes raising a remarkable amount of money for BeyondBlue.

Should you or a loved one be experiencing issues that are affecting mental well being, be assured that you can meet discreetly and confidentially with counsellor Cathy who is regularly available through GCC - just phone 4845 1175 – do it now.


Help to run this lunch on Saturday, November 26 is now being sought. 

Please contact Alice on 0414 193 153 or Karen on 4845 1106 to get an invitation to the event or to assist.

Donations are most welcome.


Saturday, October 22 is jam-packed with events including:

  • Collector Public School 150th anniversary: the will be a dinner from 6.30pm (RSVP by October 14), with the school open 9am-4pm (ceremony at 12.30pm) with games from the past and market stalls;
  • Greendale Uniting Church fete 9am with a service on the Sunday at 10am;
  • OctubaFest at Crookwell Memorial Hall 4pm: line-up includes the Australian Tuba Quartet and the Local Brass Connection Band; tickets are $25 adults, $50 family of four, kids free; and 
  • the ULS Garage Sale Trail (