Letters to the editor | February 17

Can trees improve production, profit and pleasure? Find out at a Gunning expo on March 4. Photo: Taylor Schlades

Can trees improve production, profit and pleasure? Find out at a Gunning expo on March 4. Photo: Taylor Schlades

Gunning trees expo

If you are interested in finding out more about how trees can improve your production, profit and pleasure, you can find out at the Truth About Trees expo to be held in Gunning on March 4.

Keynote speaker is Professor David Lindenmayer AO, who will open your eyes to the benefits of trees, from individual trees to broader woodland and forest ecosystems, and provide guidance for best management approaches. Professor Lindenmayer, from the ANU’s Fenner School of Environment and Society, is a leading expert on landscape ecology, conservation and biodiversity.

Local landowners, Matt Doyle from Bowning and Margie Fitzpatrick from Goulburn, will explain how they have combined vegetation plantings with farming to enhance not only native plants and animals but also the productivity of the land. After lunch a field visit to a local property near Dalton will give a first-hand look at what benefits can be obtained over time from carefully planned tree plantings and vegetation management.

The day should end by mid-afternoon.

A number of participating organisations will be able to provide information on the availability of grant funds available to landholders to support vegetation and river management. Information on weed control, property management, environmental assessments, landcare, and seedling and nursery supplies will also be available.

Attendance is free and morning tea and lunch will be provided.

Whether you are contemplating a complete farm makeover, renovating a dam or just bunging in a small shelter belt, this event will be of benefit to you.

When:  Saturday, March 4

Where:  Gunning Showground Hall, Lerida Street, Gunning

Registration is essential by February 27. Contact Greening Australia on 6253 3035 or cbr.admin@greeningaustralia.org.au

Charles Willcocks, Landcare

Roundabout on roads

I have reently read the minutes of the [Goulburn Mulwaree] Council meeting of December 6 in 2016. These minutes were confirmed at its meeting held on February 7 in 2017.

I was amused to read Resolution 16/560, which states that:

  1. The General Manager promote to the RMS traffic calming measures at the intersection of Lamarra Place and Fitzroy Street including the consideration of a roundabout;
  2. The General Manager request the RMS to undertake a review of the speed limits in Fitzroy Street.

To have the RMS construct a roundabout at this location, I am reminded of the adage that "pigs might fly".

If they did decide that a roundabout was necessary, would the developers of the approved 32-lot sub division (which has created this problem) be required to pay for it or contribute towards its construction?

Regards to item 2: the speed limit in Fitzroy Street is already the maximum allowed in a residential suburban street at 50 kilometres per hour. Does the council really think that it could be lowered to say 40km/h in this section only?

In 2013, I had an onsite meeting with an RMS officer at the corner of Crookwell and Marys Mount roads regarding a roundabout at this intersection.

Also discussed was the reduction of the speed limit from Marsden Bridge to Chinamans Lane or at least past Mary Martin Drive.

A negative result: if councillors bothered to drive out this way, it is still 80km/h. The increase in the volume of traffic in this area has been tremendous, with all the new homes that have been and are being built, a new shopping centre under development, Warrigal Care and self care units all in use.

The developers of Mistful Park, Merino Estate, the Jennings development and the newly approved 32-lot sub division are all being required to construct roundabouts along Marys Mount Road at their own cost, so why the difference to the Fitzroy Street development?

On August 28 in 2014, I received a letter from the General Manager (after my representation re a roundabout at the corner of Crookwell and Marys Mount roads) informing me and enclosing a plan of proposed works for this corner.

The plan indicated a turning lane, not a roundabout.

To my knowledge, this work is not in the current work schedule.

I again ask: why would RMS carry out work in Fitzroy Street and not on Crookwell Road?

Bruce Harvey, Goulburn