Taralga News | Wednesday, March 22

Last week at St Christopher’s Cathedral in Canberra, Jess Hand received a recognition award for excellence in Education for Building Community. Jess spent a year in Armidale College and is now in her third year of teaching at Trinity Catholic College in Goulburn. Jess is a daughter of Bruce and Annette Hand.


Thelma McPaul tells us that Harold Murray, late of Georgetown, the son of Ernest and Jean, Chatsbury, passed away on March 9 at Newcastle Hospital. He will be sadly missed by his sister, Edna and many Myrtleville and Taralga schoolfriends.


Garden Club members who visited the historic property ‘Meribee’ near Nowra last week were dazzled by a show of white petunias as they entered the impressive six-acre gardens, which contained around 1000 roses, a hedged potager garden with a variety of fruit trees, a crepe myrtle walk, a herb garden, 1300 lavenders and much more.

Planned for rustic wedding receptions, the rural property has an old grain silo has been converted to four floor accommodation for the bride and groom, while an old shed has been converted to a reception area with seats for 140. Members were then taken to Berry for lunch and a short look at the shops before the return trip.


Members of the Red Cross Society were pleasantly surprised when they saw the ticket in the Wool Section of annual Show giving them a Grand Championship for the fleece donated by Richard Malik. Each year, graziers donate a fleece or fleeces to the Red Cross, which are shown at the annual Show and later sold to boost the funds of the Red Cross Society.


Many records of district pioneers are to be found in the Historical Society Archives. One well known name is that of William Samuel Newman (1834-1925). William was a sailor on the ship Undaunted. He “left” the ship and married Martha Armitt (1852-1886). After Martha’s death it is believed that the family lived in the old Flour Mill at the East end of Court Street. (the stones from the old mill are still a feature at the Showground). The couple had three children. John William (1869) married Hannah Matthews; Charles Samuel (1871) married Catherine Frances Buchman/Matthew; Cecilia Ann (1879) married 1. Cecil Bishop, 2. Daniel Matthews.


The next Historical Society meeting will be held at 2pm on Sunday, April 3.