Goulburn Public students send strong message for Harmony Day

Goulburn Public School celebrated national Harmony Day on March 21 with different class activities. The Kindergarten students made pinwheels and displayed them as a peace sign in the front playground.

Harmony Day at Goulburn Public School saw students connecting. Some of the messages that students put on their Harmony Tree read:

  • Happy Harmony Day include everyone in your school.
  • Diversity is the key to our culture. Racism is not. Racism is illegal, wrong and rude.
  • Happy Harmony Day. It is a day about including everyone.
  • Everyone belongs, happy Harmony Day.
  • We are the ones who started Harmony Day.
  • We are one but we are many, our history makes us who we are, and we share our country with other religions and cultures and we welcome those who come.

Goulburn Public was established in 1868 and is the oldest school in Goulburn. They will celebrate 150 years in 2018. They have 175 students enrolled for 2017.

Australia is built on multiculturalism, different people of different walks of life coming together to make our country what it is today.

When we think of multiculturalism we should look to children. Some children come from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, but despite their race, religion, beliefs and upbringing they manage to find common ground.  

Well done to these students for the acceptance of their peers of all different nationalities, religions and beliefs.

This week the school also celebrated ‘National Day Against Bullying and Violence’. Every day the students and teachers actively supported anti-bullying.

Coming up: The school will have their school photos on May 4.

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