Crookwell stained glass controversy exposes divide | Editorial

The use and sale of church property is guaranteed to divide and in this, St Mary’s catholic church at Crookwell is no different.

Should the Parish go ahead and fulfill former priest Father Peter Murphy’s wishes or put the money from a stunning stained glass window (pictured) to better use?

For some parishioners, it’s a matter of process and keeping faith. The Archbishop signed off on the purchase and agreed to the installation and Canon Law should prevail, they have argued.

But then there’s practicality. If the Parish can’t afford installation costs and there is more pressing work, there must be flexibility. Churches of all denominations are hard pressed to maintain mostly ageing assets and adhere to OH&S requirements at the same time.

If that’s the case then the hierarchy must fully explain its reasons. The vote this weekend is a good move, following considerable angst. It will also give parishioners a greater say in decisions, which is not exactly the church’s forte.

Horses for courses

Goulburn Mulwaree Council’s pursuit of the Smart City Action Plan, a technologically progressive initiative to run a city smarter, is a refreshing agenda task. 

The consultations and submissions are guaranteed to give the council a wealth of information and indicate what can be done to provide and monitor services at a quicker, and more efficient pace. 

Although one has to question how far this will all, practically, go. 

The uncertainty does not stem from consultations and discussion, it can be more strongly felt in the ethos and image of the town. 

Are people ready to use an app to find their parking, or publish complaints or access alerts? 

Mayor Bob Kirk said no final projects had been approved, and asked the community to respond with ideas. 

But there seems to be a disparity in this image. Every town is different, technology could thrive in some places and fall on deaf ears on others. 

A smart city might sound good and well on paper, but it doesn’t always make it a better city, or a more memorable city; or even, a city to call home. 

Change is inevitable, but there is a difference between change we want, and change we really need. 


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