Union and Taylor clash over school funding

Hume MP Angus Taylor has scotched school funding figures released by the NSW Teachers Federation.

Hume MP Angus Taylor has scotched school funding figures released by the NSW Teachers Federation.

Hume MP Angus Taylor has hit out at the NSW Teachers Federation for mounting “scare tactics” about school funding.

He was speaking after the Federation’s release of figures, claiming at least three Goulburn public schools would be worse off under federal funding plans, compared to the Gonski deal.

In 2018 and 2019 this meant $692,406 less for Goulburn High, $670,133 less for Mulwaree High School and a $328,903 cut for Goulburn Public School over the two years, the Federation claimed. It also calculated losses for the city’s other public schools.

Federation organiser Waine Donovan said students in all but 10 NSW public schools would “lose out” under the Turnbull Government’s plan.

“This school by school data shows the reality behind the deceit of the Turnbull plan,” he said.

“Teachers, principals and parents can see how much funding and support their students will miss out on if the Turnbull Government abandons the NSW Gonski agreement.

“The Commonwealth signed up to provide $1.1 billion for 2018 and 2019 to help our NSW public school students achieve their educational potential. This funding provides crucial extra support for students with additional learning needs.

“The callousness of the Turnbull plan is evident in the scrapping of the pledge to provide additional Commonwealth funding for students with disability.”

The Federation said the government was “slashing” a total $846 million. The organisation is basing its calculations on funding projections obtained under Freedom of Information from the NSW Education Department. 

But Mr Taylor said the government was “delivering an unprecedented level of funding” for all schools in Hume, including Catholic, government and independent.”

“The numbers the union are quoting are wrong  –  they relate to a deal struck by the Gillard Government and that ended in the budget three years ago,” he said.

“Over the next decade Goulburn High School is set for a $6.6 million funding boost, Mulwaree High School a $7.8 million funding boost - and Goulburn Public School - $1.6 million.”

Mr Taylor said the government was “delivering the real Gonski needs-based funding model that Labor didn’t.”

“These are desperate scare tactics by the union movement trying to prop up Labor’s campaign on schools,” he said.

“Our plan is about giving all Australian schools a fair go and wiping away the 27 special deals Labor signed up that trashed the recommendations of David Gonski and his panel of experts.”

“We’ve used the best data sets available in Australia to develop our funding plan, unlike some of our critics who seem to be doing their calculations on the back of an envelope.”

Figures released by the government last week showed that Goulburn High School would receive $108,100 more in 2018, taking per student allocation from $3241 to $3405.

Mulwaree High would receive an extra $128,400, taking per student allocation from $3154 to $3314. Meantime, Goulburn Public School was funded to the tune of $542,900 in 2018, an increase of $26,200 on this year’s commitment. 


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