Letters to the editor | May 17

Pooh-poohing dog dumping

Good to see our Mayor Bob Kirk again raising the issue of responsible dog control in public areas (Post Weekly, May 4).

I am disgusted at the trail of dog faeces left on our walking and cycling tracks. These deposits are not left by dogs, but by the inconsiderate owners too lazy to pick up and dispose of in the appropriate manner.

Come on, dog owners, appreciate and respect what others are providing for you. Pick up and, if there is not a bin close by, take it home. After all, it is your treasure and ‘disposing of’ does not mean launching the plastic bag into the long grass or bushes.

Allowing the dog to poo in the grass is not okay, either. It has been estimated that a single gram of dog waste can contain 23 million faecal coli form bacteria, which are known to cause cramps, diarrhoea, intestinal illness, and serious kidney disorders in humans.

Dog faeces wash into the waterways, providing nutrients for weeds and algae, thus poisoning the water and suffocating marine life.

A dog off its leash is not acceptable. Along our rivers and wetlands there are a lot of ground dwelling and breeding wild life, easily disturbed and injured by dogs. 

If your dog is responsible for a child crashing off his/her bike with injury or is bitten by your dog, I suspect – in this litigious age – this could prove to be very expensive. 

Instead of messing up the environment, why not join in with volunteers at the wetlands on a Wednesday morning? They would welcome your help in providing this wonderful facility for all to enjoy.

Bill Young, Goulburn

Leaf-nappers at large!

Last week I helped my neighbour opposite rake up leaves and place them in council-provided plastic bags for the Monday collection.

A full bag was placed on the nature strip in front of her property on Sunday afternoon. Someone took the bag between 7pm and 8.30pm on Sunday evening.

My neighbour phoned the council first thing Monday morning to report this and was surprised to be told that "leaf-napping" has become quite common in recent weeks.

Suspicion is that full leaf bags are being taken for compost-making.

I don't mind people making use of other people’s waste (good environmental sense), but concern here is that the council might discontinue this service of it becomes widespread, wasting time for the pick up team who could be utilised on other council projects.

We all hope this doesn't happen.

I have always believed that a fortnightly greenwaste collection is needed in May for surplus leaf pickup.

The fortnightly collection in March could be dropped in return.

It must be more cost effective than handing out plastic bags and utilising a team to collect them.

Anyway, all efforts to collect the leaves are appreciated.

Barry McDonald, Goulburn

Australia Post can be fast

Australia Post can be fast.

Monday morning: Bought an item on line from The Good Guys in Tuggeranong.

Tuesday morning: SMS from Australia Post stating that item could be collected from Goulburn Post Office.

For ordinary package post one couldn't get a faster postal service than that.

Alex Mortensen, Goulburn

St Pat’s 40-year reunion

Greetings to all St Pat’s Old Boys of Year 10 in 1975 and Year 12 in 1977. A weekend of activities is scheduled for our St Patrick’s College 40th Year Reunion in September

On Friday night, September 22, meet at 5pm for an initial catch-up and drinks, then dinner at a central venue if people want to stay together for the evening.

On Saturday, September 23, at 8.30-9am, meet for breakfast at A. Baker restaurant in New Acton (Canberra), which is a 400m walk from Civic. It’s a day for personal activities. This could include a visit to Floriade if you wish.

Then the reunion dinner will follow this format: an evening cruise on the MV Southern Cross on Lake Burley Griffin, with drinks and canapes on board and an entree to dinner. Then moving to the Australian War Memorial for the reunion dinner at 7pm in the Anzac hall under the iconic Lancaster bomber ‘G for George’. Dinner will include a main course and dessert, drinks and the G for George ‘Striking By Night’ show. The all-inclusive cost is $190 per person.

The cruise and dinner in Anzac Hall will be a magnificent way to celebrate our 40-Year Reunion at venues to match the occasion.

The cruise will set the scene for a nostalgic evening at the Australian War Memorial, which has been voted the No 1 Tourist attraction in Australia and we will have it all to ourselves for an evening that will include the ‘Striking by Night’ show, which is the showcase attraction for the ‘G for George’ display.

On Sunday, September 24, 8.30-9am, meet for breakfast in Civic. At 10am, board a bus for Goulburn, arriving at 11am for a walk around our Alma Mater. At 11.30am, midday Mass in the Chapel with celebrant Fr Mark Croker, followed by a viewing of the archives relating to our years at school. At 1pm, board bus for lunch at the Paragon Cafe. At 2.30pm, board bus for Canberra. Drop off at PJ O’Reilly’s Irish pub in Civic. If staying in Canberra, an accommodation package will be available. 

Please feel free to attend any or all of the events. If you wish to attend the reunion dinner on Saturday night, September 23, please contact the organiser asap to book. Mobile 0458 874 545 or email paul.mcdonnell@daramalan.act.edu.au.

Paul McDonnell, organiser, St Pat’s 1977 Reunion