Whateley talks about her art

Artist Ella Whateley will deliver a floor talk today about her current exhibition at the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery.

Ms Whateley’s ‘Snapshot foyer exhibition’ is on display until July 1. Titled Come Hover, it is a new work on paper from a series –Breathing Spaces.

The work continues the artist’s exploration of two-dimensional art as a conduit between the viewer and the metaphysical through encounters with space and light.

Abstraction offers Ella a non-prescriptive language with the potential to use space and light as both the subject and medium.

She merges somewhat contrary traditions in the service of spatial ambiguity, combining interactive materials reminiscent of the Medieval icon with Renaissance perspective. 

Both traditions are mediated through the ‘grid,’ which draws attention to the work’s surface and affirms the painting as a presence in its own right.

Ms Whateley will deliver her talk at the Art Gallery at 11am today. The gallery is located within the Civic Centre.