Commander's Desk with Chad Gillies, Hume Local Area Command

Roads continue to be a big focus for our police in the Hume Local Area Command.

As part of our ongoing commitment to reducing road trauma, Operation Compliance was held on Wednesday.

The statewide operation meant a high number of people were checked and subjected to random breath and drug testing.

Generally speaking, the vast majority of people were doing the right thing. However, several infringements were handed out for seatbelts.

Traditionally, our command has always been a higher risk area for road trauma, serious accidents and fatal crashes.

This is just one strategy used to target driver behaviour and encourage responsible driving on our roads.

Readers may also be aware of Operation Chrome, an ongoing focus on our country and back roads through the command.

Wherever you’re driving, you can be assured our officers have a strong focus on the whole region.

Police will continue to work closely with our community and stakeholders to help educate drivers of all ages to increase their compliance with safe driver behaviour.

This has been the case in Goulburn on a different issue – theft.

Police conducted a shoplifting operation in the Goulburn CBD last week and detected 15 people in two days. These figures show it’s a largely unreported crime. We will continue to target retail theft across all parts of our command.

We also continue our investigation into the disappearance of Highlands woman Kathleen Lidden. Our detectives continue to progress lines of inquiry; however, we are still at a loss to determine at this stage exactly what happened with Kathleen.

We renew our plea to the public for assistance and urge anyone with information – no matter how small – to contact Goulburn Police on 4824 0799 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 as we still hold grave concerns for her safety.