School zones are back in force for Term 3

Ensuring safety
Ensuring safety

Police and the council are encouraging the community to take increased care around school crossing zones as students across the region return to school for Term 3.

Council Rangers will be patrolling school zones in the first weeks of the term to ensure pedestrians and traffic are adhering to the rules. The campaign has received strong support from police, Police Driver Training and schools. 

Council’s Road Safety Officer Tracey Norberg is leading the campaign.

“These are part-time crossings which operate just before and after school hours, as well as other times such as lunch and school excursions,” Mrs Norberg said. 

“The crossings are highlighted by orange flags with the words children crossing on them; when displayed you must slow down and stop if a pedestrian is on or entering the crossing.

“You must not proceed until all pedestrians have left the crossing, and cars cannot stop on or within 20m before or 10m after a children’s crossing.”

Highway Patrol Sergeant Rod Cranston offered his strong support for the campaign.

“It’s incredibly important that drivers slow down as students return to normal school hours – we will be patrolling school zones around the region to make sure everyone is doing the right for the safety of our children,” sgt Cranston said. 

Throughout the first two weeks of the term Council’s Rangers will also be monitoring school zones for illegal parking. Parents are reminded to be aware of parking and no stopping zones at their children’s school so that they park correctly at all times.