The Angels are playing in Goulburn

The Angels: Rick Brewster, John Brewster, Dave Gleeson, Sam Brewster and Nick Norton. They play Goulburn on Friday, July 21. Photo: supplied
The Angels: Rick Brewster, John Brewster, Dave Gleeson, Sam Brewster and Nick Norton. They play Goulburn on Friday, July 21. Photo: supplied

Legendary Aussie rock band The Angels are touring some of their greatest songs they taking in Goulburn with a show at the Astor on Friday, July 21. 

The band may be ageing, but they can still rock out with the best of them and in their 4x4 Across Australia tour, they are digging through their famous back catalogue of great albums to play some of their biggest hits for the special run of shows.

Such songs include Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again, No Secrets, Face The Day, Take A Long Line, Marseilles and Shadowboxer, to name a few. 

Guitarist John Brewster said the 4x4 tour meant they would be playing four hits from each record.  

“These are songs from our biggest albums including Face to Face, No Exit, Beyond Salvation and Dark Room,” Brewster said.

“Each album has a distinct sound and atmosphere that separates them from the others. It’s great to enter and embrace the feeling of these albums. 

“There are a lot of songs off these albums that were not hits but were still big songs for our fans, such as City Out of Control and Night Attack for example, so we will be playing these too. We tip our hats to former bassist Chris Bailey and singer Doc Neeson in the shows. We always remember those guys fondly.”

He said the current lineup of The Angels was a great live band, continuing the tradition of the Angels’ legendary live shows.  

“We are on fire. Dave Gleeson is a great asset for us. He is a great singer and showman. He joined the Angels six years ago, but he is still singer of Screaming Jets as well,” Brewster said. 

They celebrated their 40th anniversary of rock in 2014, traversing Australia with an acclaimed sell-out tour. 

In 2015, the band also played to packed houses with their A-Z Tour and also toured internationally, their first overseas shows in many years, performing in Paris, London and a Swedish rock festival.

“We toured Europe and played the Sweden Rock Festival, which was huge. It’s great to see international audiences singing the lyrics to those songs along with us,” Brewster said.

Speaking of those great lyrics, Brewster said everyone assumes Doc Neeson wrote them all, but he and his brother Rick Brewster also wrote many. 

“Doc wrote some great lyrics, but Rick is probably the best lyricist in the band. He wrote classics like Mr Damage and Take A Long Line,” he said. 

“I wrote After the Rain, Shadow Boxer, Marseilles, and I am the One, and this song helped define our style.”

The Angels formed out of the Moonshine Jug and String Band while they were at university in Adelaide. 

“It is funny to think that a band in which Rick Brewster played the washboard turned into the Angels,” John Brewster said. 

A fact that fans may not know about John Brewster is that he is an excellent golfer.

Tickets cost $35 and are available from the hotel or its website.