Emergency access still an issue | Editorial September 8

Residents of Run-O-Waters Estate seem justifiably concerned about emergency access into and out of the area.

It seems crazy that an area expanding so much should still have only one main access road via Ducks Lane. 

The council seems to be trying to work out exactly what to do in providing another emergency exit. This is evidenced by the “band-aid” solution that is the supposed gated access at the end of Greendale Court to the Hume Highway. 

Residents in our story point out the Greendale Court exit is ill-conceived and requires a lot more work.

Resident Bruce Herrett asked pertinent questions such as “who opens this gate?” and “who will close a lane of the Hume Highway and direct traffic out of the estate onto it?” Residents clearly don’t know.

His suggestion for the council to clearly let all residents know about the emergency access as well as hold twice-yearly exit drills seems like a sound idea in the event another emergency does happen out there.

A space for support 

Support is not only found in a fancy office with a qualified counsellor. Some of the best life choices are made after a casual conversation with a loved one or friend.

For many men in the area, the Men’s Shed has been instrumental in bridging the gap of loneliness and confusion that may come with old age. 

It is a welcoming and open environment at the Goulburn Men’s Shed. There is no judgement or pretense and always a ready cup of tea for those who are looking for some company.

Now the group is marking its 10 years in the community. There were many topics of discussion in the anniversary, the expansion of skills, the growth of members from 15 to 60, and the first female member.

Despite the changes, it is the ethos of the organisation that has not faltered after all these years.

“I just hope it continues in the present format and hopefully we get more members that need to come to the shed so we can look after them,” secretary Ian Marsh said, who has been with the group from day one.

There are many communities like the Men’s Shed that are helping those in all different walks of life, so to the members and organisers of these groups, the people of Goulburn thank you for your priceless service. 


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