Letters to the Editor | September 13, 2017

Suffering price pain at wrong end of wires

It looks like the conservatives in the Liberal Party are now getting socialist – but only if it means appearing to side with us punters who are paying too much for our electricity.

Who would have guessed that the Liberal Party would consider nationalising AGL’s aging Liddell power station, especially after AGL bought the privatised station for zero dollars?

"The market forces ... seem to be working for the owners of the capital. Surprise, surprise!" says letterwriter Peter Fraser.

"The market forces ... seem to be working for the owners of the capital. Surprise, surprise!" says letterwriter Peter Fraser.

The market forces that the Libertarians normally champion only seem to be working for the owners of the capital. Surprise, surprise!

Us poor suckers at the wrong end of the wires have only had grief since the energy sector was privatised in the rush to find short term capital to “balance the books”.

Peter Fraser, Goulburn

Don’t fall for Labor’s ‘pea and thimble trick’

Well, good to see Dr (non-medical) Ursula Stephens is following the Australia Labor Party line and mouthing off about spending more money on the Goulburn Base Hospital (GP, Sep 6) when there was none in the bucket.

And there was none in the bucket thanks to the former State ALP government.  

Thanks to the O’Farrell, Baird and now Berejiklian State Liberal governments that have battled from 2011, they have facilitated a state where business is flourishing and generating jobs.

Compared to the other states, NSW is a standout in growing economic activity, which in turn improves the financial position of the government with housing growth and activity.

But I see Ursula is trying to generate a story and trying to convince us that an ALP state government would be better.

Well, we know the ALP are great at promising unfunded monopoly money projects because they don’t understand that someone has to generate the money first to pay for it. So “tell her she’s dreamin’.”

Don’t be fooled. Don’t fall for the pea and thimble trick. Look at the other state and federal ALP governments and remember just how deep they dropped us ‘in it’. The ALP/Unions couldn’t run a raffle, honestly!

Grant Pearce, Goulburn

Marriage equality view ignores factors

This letter is not advocating a point of view on marriage equality. It is to point out the unthinking and cruel point of view put forward by Jay Nauss (GP Sep 8).

He supports what he says is the traditional view of marriage as being, “man/woman – with children”. The fact is that many marriages do not fit this formula. Many couples cannot have children. Many people marry later in life and do not have children.

We either deem these marriages to be invalid or we reject Jay Nauss’ point of view.

Fred Rainger, Goulburn

Your city needs you!

Regarding ‘Just do the job, Bob’ (GP Sep 1). For years now I have been reading Mr Don Fischer’s letters to the editor in amazement. Don has been advising the council on a large range of topics and seems to have the answer to eveything.

The quotes from the ghosts of the past, such as Lachlan Macquarie and Abraham Lincoln, amuse me. What relevance do any of these have to decisions made in the year 2017? These men would have no clue about modern-day water supply, pipelines, al fresco dining, fixing pot holes, or collecting garbage.

Don, your last letter taking aim at our mayor was the final straw for me. At least Mayor Kirk (not Bob) has put himself out there and is having a go. A percentage of locals, as you put it, would applaud him for that.

The time has come, Don, to stop writing letters and show us how it’s done. It is now time to put up or shut up and stand for the next council election. Stop giving the council all this free advice and finally get paid for your wisdom. Surely you can see that your talents are being wasted writing letters when you could be on council making a real difference. Don, your city needs you!

James Hasler, Goulburn

Russell’ing up some help

A wet, windy night and a wombat: these things don’t go well with a car on a highway. But when roadside assistance was a no-show (as it was an accident, not a breakdown), along came Russell of Goulburn Tilt Tray Service. Mate, thanks so much! You have been a great help, then and since, and are a credit to your industry.

David Dawson, Goulburn


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