Awkward mother-daughter conversations, reckless driving and a humble entertainer | Town Talk

‘We don’t do that darling’

Sunday almost felt like summer in Goulburn, and also became a perfect backdrop for an uncomfortable chapter in the never ending struggle of parenthood. It was quieter than usual on Goldsmith Street as the sun slowed the pace of those walking around the neighbourhood.

One such pair was a mother and young daughter who had just exited Goulburn Base Hospital. Outside the entrance an old man in a wheelchair had a cigarette perched in his mouth while a hospital staff member was struggling to produce a steady flame. “What are they doing?” the young daughter said to her mother as the pair walked past the scene.

To this, the mother paused awkwardly and with a smile and said, “they’re smoking, but we don’t do that darling” and quickened her step. It is difficult explaining to a child the act of smoking and the consequences associated to it, but it is even more difficult to explain this activity in front of a hospital, where a staff member had contributed to the act. 

Driving parameters clarified by council

The Goulburn Mulwaree Council has reminded residents not to drive along the River Walkway.

While you could argue the track is wide enough to fit a vehicle there are clear pedestrian signs for those who are confused, or looking for a quick thrill. More noticeably, this activity is dangerous for driving down onto the track but for also driving back up.

We would hope residents who catch this behaviour report it to the relevant authorities, and remind the perpetrators seeking picturesque views that the Rocky Hill lookout is just as good as the river. 

Merino City in a song

Colin Buchanan entertained the crowd at the Bishop’s Breakfast with a few great songs. One that stood out was a recent song he had written about Goulburn called Merino City.

He sang humorously along these lines: “Welcome to Merino City/welcome to the Tablelands/on the banks of the Wollondilly/by the Mulwaree River flats /It’s the gateway to Taralga...with a Maccas at either end.”