Goulburn Club gig for Marriage Equality

Beats J playing at the Goulburn Club.
Beats J playing at the Goulburn Club.

With ballots for the upcoming Marriage Equality postal survey set to hit mailboxes in the coming days, local musicians are banding together to help promote the Yes Vote. 

Local music promoter Marky McColl and producer/rapper Brayden Judd - aka Beats J - are hosting a show at the Goulburn Club on Saturday, September 16.  

The gig will include hip hop performances by Beats J, Cappo and Anomic as well as acoustic sets by Chloe Lyons, Evan Buckley and PJ Johnson. Comedian Maddy Weekes will also perform a special routine. 

The event will follow up the Vote Yes Rally in Belmore Park at 1.30pm on that day. 

Australians for Marriage Equality member Tom Sebo said Judd is a strong advocate for marriage equality.

“He recently performed at a charity gig in Canberra to raise money for the Yes Vote and says he finds it hard to believe we're even debating this topic in the modern age,” Mr Sebo said. 

“He lives his life by a simple philosophy - live and let live - and doesn't understand why the rest of us can't do the same.”

Mr Judd said it is all about “loving thy neighbour and living peacefully among each other.” 

"A great step to towards living peacefully and harmoniously with each other is to accept race, religion and sexuality. And to acknowledge (same sex) relationships as being equal and beautiful,” Mr Judd said. 

Judd has been rapping and producing his own music for a little over two years now. 

Thanks to the tutelage of the esteemed DJ Chemi-Cal, the support of his younger brother Bailey and his own sheer determination and hard work, he is making a name for himself as Scratch DJ on Canberra hip hop scene. 

However, when he's not hitting the decks or writing music, he doubles as a local builder. 

The topic of marriage equality came up on a job site recently when one of his co-workers told him he would be voting no. 

"He said that if gay people could get married it would tarnish the vows and commitment he made to his wife and I just thought, if the significance of your relationship and bond with your partner all rests on a word, then you have far bigger issues than just letting same sex couples get married," Judd said. 

"And that's why I'll be voting yes... because love has no bounds. Love is not bias."

McColl also believes fundamentally in equality. 

"Everybody deserves to be treated the same. We're all humans," Mr McColl said. 

"At the end of the day, someone else's life goals or happiness don't affect me so they should be equal in all ways."

Doors open at 7pm. Admission is free.