Playing in ACT Pennants

Starting February, Goulburn Railway Men's Bowling Club will participate in the ACT Bowls Pennants Competition. There is a list on the board for all who are interested in being part of a team. A lot of work has been put into getting our club into the ACT and now we ask for your support. Pennants selectors are Hayden Ward, Neil Whittington and Russell Sheely.

Lilac Festival Triples

We will be holding the Lilac Festival Mixed Bowls Tournament on Saturday, September 30. Names must be in at the club by 11.30am. To book, ring the bowls office on Saturday between 10.30 and 11.30am on 48 227 352. Bowls starts at 1pm. This is an open day for all past and present or interested new bowlers.

Goulburn Championship    

On Thursday September 14, Joe Price, Martin Cutler and Robert Coulstock  won the last spot in the Triples semi-finals, defeating John Piggott, Rob Palin and John Piggott 24 to 18. It was a great effort by John Piggott’s team whose opponents included two of last year’s Triples Champions.

Sunday's semi-finals were two excellent matches. In the first Michael Gray, Keith Gray and Craig Hogan came from behind to defeat Hayden Ward, Reg Thoms and Peter Simpson who substituted for Bob Toole 21 to 18. In the other Joe Price, Martin Cutler and Robert Coulstock lead all the way to defeat Phil Greenhalgh, Michael Jenkins and Russel Sheely 27 to 20. The final, between Michael Gray’s team and Joe Prices’ will be played next weekend. 

Nominations open for our major open fours this week. Get your teams together as this championship will be commenced at the completion of the Triples.  Remember the winning team will represent our club in the ACT Fours as will the winners of the Triples that are now being played be our representing team in ACT.

Saturday Mixed Bowls Green Fees

Our club management has decided that anyone playing bowls during the week will not be charged green fees on Saturday. The aim is to increase bowler participation on weekends. Members or visitors who play in either the women’s or men’s midweek bowls will be given a voucher for the following Saturday's green fees. These non transferable vouchers will be handed out when paying your green fees prior to play during the week. They are usable for the following Saturday by the person name on it only. Green fees are applicable to persons who have not played during the week. The vouchers are only for regular Saturday mixed bowls. 

Program and selectors 

Friday September 22. Single Entry Pairs. Selectors are Michael Watts and Kevin Rudd.

Saturday  September 23. Mixed Triples. Selector is Ken Moloney.

More results and details in Monday's Goulburn Post