Community Foundation is a worthy idea

There are many examples of local projects that are stalled because they are waiting for an injection of funding.

Such funds usually come from a government – whether it be at the the council, state or federal level, or other source.

Many groups in the community also raise funds for the hospital and local schools. 

But the idea of an overarching Community Foundation where people can “give where they live” to ongoing projects in Goulburn is a great initiative. 

Imagine someone who has been connected to Goulburn all of their lives but who have no family to pass on their money to? What if they loved Goulburn so much that they wanted to donate such funds for the betterment of the city or for improving skills of the people in it?

We are sure that many locals would donate to such a worthy cause.

Also, it does not have to be a bequest – people can donate while they are alive as well. Businesses could also feel they are doing their civic duty by donating to such a cause. They could also gain a tax deduction from donating.

The idea for the Community Foundation, as outlined by working party chair Dick Kearins, in the page one story to the Goulburn Post is exciting. 

Such foundations are already in operation all over the world and even in the neighbouring Upper Lachlan Shire, where they provide funding to schools and other community organisations. 

There is also a spirit of independence embodied in this idea. That Goulburn could lessen its reliance on governments and the politics that goes with that – for funding.

This would lead to there being more local control as the Foundation would be overseen by a rotating board made up of locals – who are there for the best interests of locals. 

The other great aspect of it is that the fund would grow exponentially because only the earnings would be given out to local people or projects.

And with the wonder of compound interest – the fund would really start to operate like a “community superannuation fund” as Mr Kearins puts it. 

He also pointed out that the idea of it was not to compete with the efforts of short-term local fundraising groups that are already in operation in the city. 

The Goulburn Post can think of many local projects the Foundation could assist – maybe even some of the city’s heritage assets?