Enrol in new courses at U3A

CWA secretary Pat Spilsbury.

CWA secretary Pat Spilsbury.

There is plenty coming up at the U3A over the next couple of months.

U3A members can enrol for these courses at U3A's McDermott Centre office on October 11 between 11am and 1pm.

The spring term promises to keep them busy with lots of classes and activities till they break again for the Christmas and New Year Holida.

This spring is a time of change for U3A because although they will still be having classes at  their usual venues, the Workers Club and the McDermott Centre, some of their classes will be moving to a brand new home, which they have named The THE U3A Depot because it was – and parts of it still are – the Council Depot on the corner of Bourke & Combermere Streets.   

The the Alfresco Jubilo A Capella Choir,  the Goulburn Shower Singers and  the  Partners in Song Choir  – will be re-located there and as well as Armchair Travel, Grist for the Mill.

The new class History of Numbers and some of the other new classes planned for the new term will also be held there.

The Armchair Travel series will be on Saturday, October 28, when member Pat St George, who recently travelled to Ireland for a family get-together will tell about his sentimental journey to the Emerald Isle.

As a complete change of pace on November 25, member Debbie Walker will take the armchair travellers to Australia's 'Red Centre' and beyond and further down the track, member Tom Lyttle will be speaking about his trip to Russia.

The popular Tea and Talk, which is held at Chatsbury Gardens, has a great program lined up for Term Four.

Still pursuing their Famous Australians theme - on October 12 they will be presenting Behind Matilda's Skirt - a short unauthorised history of Australia told with humour and containing information you may not have found in your sixth class history books.

Then on November 2, given its closeness to Remembrance Day, the talk will be about C. E. Bean, the Australian journalist, war correspondent and historian who was instrumental in the establishment of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra and the promotion of the ANZAC legend and, on a lighter note, on the last session of the year, December 7, they will study The Santa Claus Legend – a look at the various legends, beliefs and influences which have led to the development of Santa Claus as we know him today.” 

One of the new exciting classes which U3A will be holding in conjunction with the Goulburn Gem Society is a one-day class, An Introduction to Lapidary which will held at the society's new premises, adjacent to U3A's at the Depot, and when participants discover what a fascinating hobby lapidary is they are sure to be 'hooked' and will want to continue on and do the follow up classes  Make:  A Gemstone Pendant.

Numbers and counting have become an integral part of our everyday life – but where do numbers come from and how long have they been around?    Doug Brown's new class the History of Numbers charts our use of numbers from the Ishango Bone, thought to be a lunar calendar from 20,000 BCE.   

From counting to predicting lunar cycles or the seasons or flood cycles of the Nile River, early man invented maths and we have never looked back. This class will be starting on Monday, October 16 at The Depot and will be fortnightly thereafter.

Warren Matthews hopes to teach at least  six different dances in the nine- week course Ballroom Dancing for Beginners he will be offering to U3A members, which will be held in the auditorium of the Workers Club on a Wednesday.

It's not all work at U3A, they have an activity called Let's Do Lunch where they visit a different local restaurant three times a term, their next one will be at the recently re-opened Greengrocer on Clifford. 

In November, they will be supporting the Cystic Fibrosis' fundraising Melbourne Cup Luncheon and in December they will be holding their Christmas Lunch at the Angels for the Forgotten.  They also have trips to the theatre and to art galleries for special showings and every month their Let's Explore group visits places of interest.  They have a trip going to Floriade on Wednesday October 11, which has some vacancies left, contact them if you are interested.

Most of U3A's regular classes will be back at their usual times and venues and course information can be found on their wesite www.gm-u3a.com.au or you can email info@gm-u3a.com.au or phone their office 4822 5186 during office hours Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 11am till 1pm for further information about U3A Goulburn Mulwaree Inc.

If people are interested in attending any of these course or activities they can come to the McDermott Centre on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday between 11am and 1pm.