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Steampunk judge Tara Moss is counting down for the annual Victorian style Steampunk event describing the day as “vital for the community”.

Mrs Moss, who has attended steampunk events in Australia and New Zealand is back again following her first appearance last year. 

“I loved it and it was a pleasure to be invited back,” the supermodel and author said. 

“The events is run by wonderful people who love steampunk, and love the community. It’s also a perfect setting with the Goulburn steam and waterworks.

It’s great for adults and kids alike, and of course suits all sorts of craftspeople, artisans and small businesses who have the opportunity to sell their wares and be seen.”

Mrs Moss’ steamsona will be The Forgotten Doll, a companion of the Tight-Laced Time Traveller. 

She said it was the ability to create a unique steamsona, for her a gothic Victoriana styled dress, that stood out to her. 

“I started dressing in steampunk in 2011, but I’ve always found the look and the literary genre compelling. I also have a strong interest in Victorian antiquities, ephemera and clothing,” she said.

“I usually wear a mix of pieces I make and pieces made by local artists or my husband Berndt Sellheim, who uses primarily recycled household items to make steampunk gadgets.”

“I am very much involved in the vintage, steampunk and to an extent the cosplay community as well. These are passionate and creative people. If you create something for them, they will make it special. They always bring their best to any event they attend. It’s a great day out.”

Steampunk will be held at the Goulburn Historic Waterworks Museum and run from 10am-4pm. 

For more information, head here.


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