Many shown savings on electricity bills

MAKING THE SWITCH: CE4G president Ed Suttle checks out savings he could make on his electricity bill by switching providers.
MAKING THE SWITCH: CE4G president Ed Suttle checks out savings he could make on his electricity bill by switching providers.

Many locals turned up to an information session run by Community Energy for Goulburn (CE4G) on October 12 at Workspace 2580.  

CE4G president Ed Suttle said about 75 people attended, all of whom brought their latest electricity bill.  

“There were six of us behind desks and we were all busy for two hours as we went through people’s bills to ascertain whether they could make savings or not,” Mr Suttle said. 

“We had a simple comparison price calculator and all but one person was shown they would make savings of between 4 per cent and 25 per cent  when they switch to Energy Locals.  

“Every customer of Origin and ActewAGL who attended were shown they would save money on their electricity bills. 

“One local business owner had already gone to our website and calculated that show would save 25 per cent.  When she rang Origin to cancel and make the switch, she was immediately offered a 25 per cent discount, but she told them it was too late after having ‘gouging us by 25 per cent for so long.”

Mr Suttle said those who made the switch to Energy Locals would not only save money on their electricity bills, but would also help with building the solar farm in Goulburn. 

“People who make the switch through CE4G can know that Energy Locals are donating 50 per cent of the profits back to us to help build the community solar farm,” he said. 

“This is their philosophy across Australia – to support community-based projects. 

“We have also been talking to them about buying the electricity generated from the solar farm.”

Mr Suttle said to make the switch all people needed to do was go to the website and signup

“You need to give the name and address of your current electricity account and Energy Locals will do the rest after the next metre reading occurs,” he said. 

Goulburn Mulwaree Council approved the DA for a 1.2MW solar farm on a 2.5ha site at Bridge St in North Goulburn, near the railway line, in June this year. 

In August, Essential Energy gave provisional approval to pump electricity generated from the solar farm into the grid.  

The next step in building the solar farm is Essential Energy providing detailed costs and requirements for the grid connection. This is expected by the end of October.

“By December, we will obtain tenders from three to four potential builders of the solar farm, while simultaneously negotiating with potential purchasers of the electricity from it,” he said.

“From early 2018, we will obtain an independent final financial analysis of the entire project once costs and revenues are known.”