Track winds community together

Matt O'Rourke from the Goulburn Mulwaree Council. Photo: David Cole.

Matt O'Rourke from the Goulburn Mulwaree Council. Photo: David Cole.

The Wollondilly Walking Trail is such a great community resource.

Every time one ventures along it – half of Goulburn is also down there – taking in the crisp clean air and peaceful surrounds. 

A constant parade of walkers, runners, cyclists, families and pets pass by.

As Cr Leah Ferrara said in a recent council meeting: “a lot of people are using it and most people have been complimentary about it to me.”

So it is great to see the project will soon be moving ahead in leaps and bounds and has full council support.

The trail will soon reach the  point where it has to cross the river and then run alongside the old Crookwell Railway Line. 

It seems bizarre that a rail line that has not been used since the mid 1980’s has to be officially closed and transferred to the council, but this is the process that has to be followed. 

The walking track will not even be on the old line, but run alongside it. Whether Stage Three of the walking trail eventually becomes part of the bigger Goulburn to Crookwell Rail Trail remains to be seen. 

One thing for sure – it has already been given the thumbs up by the community.

Graduation gowns anyone? 

High school is a time very few forget. 

This is whether you were the popular kid, the teacher’s pet, class clown, school captain or the student that simply never attended.

There is something about high school. It has nothing to do with grades or accolades, but more than anything high school distills what life will be like as an adult. 

The triumphs, embarrassments, relationships and disputes fosters a semi-organism. So when it is coming to an end, when lockers are cleaned out and uniforms are ironed for the last time, it becomes a big deal. 

Put aside the cliche 80’s flicks where the girl or guy is stood up on the dance floor during graduation, you have an enjoyable and anticipated social event. 

It took one conversation about over priced dresses to inspire resident Terri Reeve to give away her some 30 dresses hanging in her studio. 

Ms Reeve did not think it was a story, and believed that anyone would do what she did if they were in her position. But she is wrong. 

We hope that many take the branch Ms Reeve has extended and even more take a leaf out of her book.