Attune Hearing Clinic: Are you hard of hearing?

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ATTUNE: Goulburn Attune Hearing Clinic practice manager, Libby Daniel, and Clinical Audiometrist, Tony Woodward.

ATTUNE: Goulburn Attune Hearing Clinic practice manager, Libby Daniel, and Clinical Audiometrist, Tony Woodward.

So, your hearing isn’t what it used to be? Here are some tips and tricks from Clinical Audiometrist, Tony Woodward from Attune Hearing.

A two-way street

Don't continue to hide your hearing loss. Acknowledge your hearing loss so that you can inform and educate others on how to best communicate with you. Remember, hearing loss is invisible and without your partner aware of your hearing loss and the difficulties you face, a communication break-down is inevitable.

Try to determine the source 

Practice analysing WHY you are having difficulties with a particular talker, then make specific requests, politely of course. Does she have a soft voice? Rather than saying, "Say again?" try asking her to "speak a little bit louder please".

Use clarification strategies

Avoid saying "Huh?", "What?" or “Pardon” when you have heard at least part of what the speaker was saying. Instead, reflect what you did hear back to the speaker for example, "I know you said you are talking about the new house you are building, but I didn't catch where you said the house is located." This can avoid frustration from both parties and verifies what you have heard.

Be prepared

Anticipate difficult listening situations and plan ahead. If you're dining out with friends, for example, suggest going at a time that is not likely to be busy or recommend a restaurant that you know is relatively quiet.

Polish your concentration skills

Pay extra attention to the talker and try to hone your listening skills. This may be especially difficult for new hearing aid users, who may have spent several years "tuning out" during conversations. Try to concentrate on the topic of conversation.

Listen with your eyes too

Watch the speaker's face. Although less than 50 per cent of the English language is visible on the lips, you can still get a great deal of help by picking up visual cues on the speaker's face.

Assistive hearing technology

When was the last time you had your hearing checked? For some hearing losses, hearing aid technology or assistive listening devices are beneficial and recommended. Some amazing improvements have been made in hearing technology and it might be time for you to see what might be available to you. If you own hearing aids, wear them. Or perhaps it’s time for a re-evaluation of your hearing aids’ performance.

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