A drone, tobacco and a phone found on a roof at Goulburn jail

A broken drone, two 50g tobacco packets and one mobile phone were found on the roof of a building at Goulburn Jail on Sunday morning. 

A Corrective Services NSW spokeswoman told the Goulburn Post the items were found by Corrective Services staff at about 9am on a demountable building that had just been moved to the centre from an external storage area.

The spokeswoman said the items were handed to NSW Police for investigation.

“Corrective Services NSW continues to proactively investigate and review emerging technologies to further mitigate the risk posed by drones to the security and good order of correctional centres,” the spokeswoman said. 

“Policies and procedures are in place to deal with such situations, and staff are proactive in their surveillance to detect drones.

“Mesh has been installed in one correctional centre exercise yards to deter contraband from being thrown or dropped inside and secure the yard to prevent security breaches.” 

Minister for Corrections David Elliott thanked the Correctional Officer for his prompt response and the recovery of this contraband.

“Commonwealth regulations, as overseen by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), contain some general restrictions about the use of drones, for example restricting their use over populated areas,” Mr Elliott said.

“Drones are a threat to the safety and security of officers and the correctional system and I will be looking at what further safeguards can be put in place to further restrict the use of drones and other aircraft in the vicinity of prisons.”