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Nuts are a true nutritional powerhouse – aim to eat a handful (30g) of nuts every day! Here are three reasons why:

Janelle Croatto APD

Janelle Croatto APD


If you’ve been passing on the nuts for fear they will stack on the weight, it’s time to rethink this old school idea. Rich in protein, fat and fibre, nuts help to satisfy hunger and reduce appetite. More so, the fats present also signal the release of satiety hormones from the digestive system to the brain. With nuts also being a wholefood, fewer kilojoules are absorbed, as around 5-15 percent of the fat present is bound up in the fibre so it simply passes through your digestive system.


Did you know that by eating a handful of nuts at least five times per week, you can halve your risk of developing heart disease?!  Nuts are fantastic to include in your cholesterol-busting armoury, and they also contain impressive levels of antioxidants and phytochemical to reduce inflammation, which is thought to underpin many chronic diseases, including heart disease.


Findings from the four-year PREDIMED Mediterranean Diet study found that participants who consumed a Mediterranean diet, which also included 30g of nuts each day, had a 52 percent reduction in the risk of developing diabetes, compared to a low fat diet.  Additional studies have also shown that by eating nuts as part of a meal, the rise in blood glucose levels following the meal can be reduced.


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