Throwback Thursday sport December 2002 | GALLERY

Sports photography back in 2002 was much more difficult than now. We did not have the sophisticated digital cameras that could shoot several frames a second. The digital cameras were more restrictive than when we were using film. There was an annoying delay from the time we pressed the button to take a photograph and the time the camera actually captured the image. So photographers had to guess where the subject would be when the image was actually captured and focus on that point, then hope for the best.

We were working with 16 to 64 megabyte storage cards that allowed us about 30 photos before we had to load the photos onto a computer. We would never have guessed back then that 15 years later we would be using memory cards that hold well over 1000 images and we can shoot at over five frames a second.

When you view these images you will realise that Goulburn was in drought and it was not long after this that softball, which was for several years a very popular Saturday afternoon sport ceased in Goulburn. Some enthusiasts continued to play over in Canberra.


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