Goulburn South has new kindy kids

It’s a busy time at the Goulburn South Public School with the new kindergarten children attending the orientation program for the past few weeks. The new children soon got used to their new classroom, teachers and the other students they will soon have a friends.

This year’s crop of kinder kids have helped the newbies settle in to their classroom routines very well.

Diary dates for your calendar


Wednesday 13 December—10am

As the end of another term approaches and another school year comes to an end. We can look forward to our Presentation Day to be held on Wednesday 13th December at 10.00am. We encourage all parents and carers to attend and celebrate our students achievements over the year and also acknowledge our Year 6 students as they prepare for High School.

The P & C will also be providing a free barbecue for students, parents, carers and guests once the presentation has finished. In class parties will also be held on the same day for students. 


Some of the Goulburn South students have participated in a two week swim safe program. This program is designed to assist students in becoming more confident in and around water. They would like to also take this opportunity to thank our P & C for funding the bus cost.  

Good grief is that a pig?

1G have been researching pigs through various modes such as websites, books, films and even a local pig owner.

They found out many fascinating facts about pigs and produced an information text to inform people of our new knowledge.

They also created an acrostic poem to entertain people about pigs. 1G proudly showcased these work samples at our recent assembly item and now we have them hanging up in our classroom windows for everyone to see.

They have been on a fabulous learning journey about pigs and now they know what they want for Christmas. Well done, 1G.

Year 2 news

One of Year 2’s favourite things of the week is fitness.

They have been having lots of fun playing Tic-Tac-Toe, Star Wars, dancing, gymnastics and learning how to dodge.

In Mathematics, they are always working on our number sense and love doing hands on activities.

They finished the week by listening to the dreamtime story ‘Wayambeh The Turtle’ and creating wonderful artworks with pastel crayons.