International Volunteer Day: What is happening in this old garden?

Margaret Perrin volunteers in the Riversdale garden.
Margaret Perrin volunteers in the Riversdale garden.

Tuesday, December 5, is the International Day of Volunteers, and what better way to acknowledge it than by asking what a volunteer is doing on a typical day.

Our featured site is the beautiful gardens of historic house Riversdale, which date back to 1840.

Margaret Perrin travels all the way from Burrawang to Riversdale regularly, to help out in the vegetable garden.

The volunteers are trying to restore the historic vegetable garden there and Mrs Perrin is one of the helpers.

She has a green thumb from way back, having tried her hand at gardening in the ACT and the Highlands. 

“A good vegetable garden is my passion,” Mrs Perrin said. “We have had more success here with some plants rather than others. The hardest thing is the climate and the periodic watering the garden receives.

Her husband has a family connection with Riversdale: his great-great-grandfather’s sister was Emily Twynam (nee Bolton). The Twynams lived there from 1872 to 1967.

“It’s nice to think a relative a few generations back was pottering around the same garden,” she said.

To volunteer at Riversdale, please call Ros Loftus on 0414 951 955 or the council’s Volunteer Register on 4823 4444.