Gannon Street entrance to Goulburn Square closed

The Gannon Street entry to the Goulburn Square shopping centre car park will be closed until at least mid week, a spokeswoman from the shopping centre has confirmed.

Pictures showing the centre pole of the signage structure pushed partially out of the concrete emerged on social media on Saturday afternoon.

The spokeswoman confirmed the damage was caused when a vehicle didn’t meet the height restrictions.

“We understand it is a busy time of year,” the spokeswoman said.

“The car park will remain open in the interim [repairing period] with access from Goldsmith Street.” 

The spokeswoman said the access was closed due to safety concerns. 


The Gannon Street entrance to Goulburn Square is temporarily closed.

Pictures posted to Instagram at 2pm on Saturday show the entry sign partially collapsed.

A post by an Instragram user suggests a vehicle hit the pole.

Comment from Goulburn Square management has been sought.