Carols of Hope in Belmore Park on December 22 to host Koi Boys and Kate de Veau

Katie De Veau

There’s no question the Carols of Hope in Belmore Park on Friday, December 22 will be a wonderful night with Katie De Veau performing favourites and originals.

She is no stranger to the stage, having started off quite young and performed at many places and events, from schools to community festivals, in Australia and across the world.

Her original songs follow themes of love, faith, heartache and family.

De Veau is religious and faith is one of the strongest themes apparent in almost all of her songs, derived from her personal experiences.

Her style can range along calming, mellow acoustic to uplifting rock, all of which have a country vibe to them, such as Coming of Grace and Now and Evermore.

She has three albums, Simple Life, Brand New Day and her most recent, Love Came Down.

De Veau’s addition to the community Carols of Hope will give a unique and well crafted edge to the show and will reel in new fans.

She is an award-winning songwriter/singer and an inspirational speaker. You’ll want to dance and sing along to her catchy and heartwarming songs.

Koi Boys

Broadbeach on the Gold Coast has been hiding a trio of singing, dancing and entertaining boys for nearly a decade.

With their covers of all genres, the Koi Boys perform at restaurants every Sunday, showing off their festive and energetic personalities.

The three boys – Danny Faifai, Kevin Keepa and Ngahere Ngatai – met each other, then moved to Queensland where they started a new lifestyle. 

They dove head-first into hit-rating Australian TV show The Voice, expanding their fan base and gaining new experiences.

They sang Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream), which compelled all four judges to turn around and send them to the next round.

The first trio ever to audition for The Voice, when they were sent home before the finals, their fans showed their disappointment through social media, proving their loyalty and support.

With the help of Robert Conley, the trio's producer, they have released an album, Meant To Be, with three original songs.

Using their experience with a range of musical genre, they worked to create music that appeals to all people, including pop, classical, R’n’B and more.

  • You can see the Koi Boys and De Veau perform at Carols of Hope in Belmore Park on Friday, December 22 from 6pm. Carols of Hope is a free community event and an extremely fun, family-friendly night.