Town talk in the city of roses

Lazenby’s school exploits

Many in Goulburn would have watched the documentary on George Lazenby called Becoming Bond on SBS on Sunday night (or since - watching On Demand). While the film was absolutely hilarious in most parts there were some bits where he might be “fibbing.” For instance - did he really take a snake into Bourke Street School when he was a student there in 1946? Can anyone verify that? Also he reckons he “caught bats in the sewer and also took them into class and released them.” Does this sound right? Bats in the sewer in Goulburn? At another point the interviewer stopped and asked George: “Did this really happen or are you making this up?” George replied: “If it wasn’t true I could not remember it.’ 

Trolleys bathing in the Wollondilly River 

While walking along the Wollondilly Walking Track on the weekend, a Post reporter noticed about four trolleys were bathing in a hole in the river under the McDermott Drive Bridge. While they seemed to be having a jolly time, the reporter reflected on the sorry state of affairs that would lead these trolleys to be in the river. Is the Trolley Tracker bloke going to wade into the murky depths to extract them? We hope so. It is an eyesore on an otherwise beautiful stretch of river. 

Recycling station installed after Post story 

There must be an election brewing?  There is no doubt that Pru Goward responds quickly to the Goulburn Post’s requests. No sooner had the ink dried on the Goulburn Post edition that called for a recycling station in Goulburn – than one appeared as if by magic – in the car park at Woolies. Put in your other requests to the pollies now and let’s see if they magically appear? How about another train service?

Here for the hearing tested

A reminder that the Australian Hearing Bus is parked beside Belmore park in Market Street this week. The friendly staff will be available on Wednesday from 9.30am to 2.30pm to undertake free hearing tests.


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