Angus Taylor speaks in parliament about Same Sex Marriage bill

Hume MP Angus Taylor continued to argue in favour of amendments to the Same Sex Marriage bill today.

The Same Sex Marriage debate has continued in the Lower House this week.

Earlier this morning Mr Taylor spoke in parliament on the issue.

While he committed to supporting the bill, he argued in favour of amendments which would offer “genuine protection” for people who hold a traditional view of marriage.

He believed more consideration needed to be given to:

  • protection of freedom of speech
  • protection of charities which favour traditional definitions of marriage
  • protection of employees who have a traditional definition of marriage
  • freedom for parents to choose how their children are educated on this issue.

Mr Taylor has been vocal about these amendments during the ongoing debate surrounding the issue.

“We know that roughly the same number of Australians who voted yes also wanted the protections for the freedoms of those who believe in a traditional definition of marriage,” he said.

“The Smith bill does not offer adequate protection. This should be a bill for all Australians.”

Due to his personal beliefs, Mr Taylor voted no but said he would vote in favour of the bill in accordance with the national vote.

“I didn’t come into politics with the intention of imposing my morality on others. I fully accept that the nation and my electorate have had their say and voted yes.

“We have seen heinous acts against people because of their sexuality, acts that should never ever be repeated. I don’t want to see similar acts against those with strong often religious beliefs harmed because of their contrary views of same sex marriage.”

The bill is expected to pass through parliament this week.

See Angus Taylor’s full speech in the above video