The Benevolent Society's grand opening morning tea.

The Benevolent Society (TBS) has opened a new office at 312 Auburn Street officially on December 7. Over morning tea, TBS senior manager Kerry Fitzsimmons spoke on behalf of the organisation to explain its work and history.

TBS is the first charity in Australia since 1813, so it has been helping people for more than 200 years. They specialise in supporting and assisting with disabilities, family issues, children’s behavioural development, mental health, and help with care, particularly for the elderly.

Recently they stepped out of Family and Community Services to become an independent organisation.

“I’d really like to thank the staff of this office for the big change of moving from government to non government and for their cooperation and assistance in putting this all together.” said Mr Fitzsimmons.

“TBS has a unique link with Goulburn because the founder Edward Smith Hall has a great great grandson that lives in Goulburn, Michael Hall, from Hall Electrics.”

Local TBS staff pictured left to right with Mayor Bob Kirk are: Elisa Chung, Gillian Hunt, Rachael Pickford, Gavan Fairclough, Leah Wichman, Tina McManus, and Kerry Fitzsimmons.

The Benevolent Society has opened on Auburn Street.

The Benevolent Society has opened on Auburn Street.